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    Jun 11, 18 09:47 PM

    Hi I am Justin from Malaysia. I will be travelling to Hong Kong and decided to drop by Macau first before heading over to Hong Kong once I landed in

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Budget for HK Disneyland travel

by aman


I am planning a trip to Hong Kong with my family in May mid for 5 nights.

Please tell me the budget I should plan for food on daily basis. How much will be the budget for food in Disneyland. Are we allowed to carry our own food?

We are 3 adults, one child and one infant. Should we go on taxi or take a octopus card to travel. I will be grateful if u can answer my query on the above.


Comments for Budget for HK Disneyland travel

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RE: Hongkong
by: Anonymous

pls give me an itinerary for 4d3n.. iwant to visit the ma wan, disneyland, ocean park, peak tram.. whampoa.. pls someone make an arrangement of itinerary..

by: Anonymous

hello. here's my itinerary but i don't know where and what will i ride to reach these tourist spots. and please help me to atleast be aware of the fares.
From silka seaview hotel. and any idea of the rate for this hotel.


or any suggested itinerary. thanks.

HK in June 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi, we are planning to go to HK this June and visit Disneyland Park (we are bringing our 4 yr old daughter), appreciate your guidance on the following:
1. What is the usual weather by mid to late June?
2. We are planning to stay in Disney's Hollywood Hotel, where else can we find good food aside from the hotel and the park? How far? What transportation means do we take? Average transport cost?
3. I would also like to do some shopping, where and how far are the nearest shopping malls? What transportation to take? Average transport cost?

by: HKinsider stellar

Hello :)

The Hong Kong Ocean Park Admission Fee is HK$280 while the Hong Kong Disneyland Park Ticket costs HK$399. The rest of the HK attractions would cost you much less than the ones mentioned and others are free of admission.

Here's to read budget for food and transportation estimates (post dated April 9, 2011). And, please refer to the above post dated July 06, 2011 for more information.

You may visit HK anytime of the year. If you prefer the spring season, you may do so in the next few months. The weather tends to be warm and humid with temperature ranges from 20-25 degC and cooler at times and may require light overcoat or a sweater.



by: Hui

Got it! :)

You're talking about the one at TST right?

Thank you so much! :)

Re: transportation :(
by: HKinsider jom

Hello Hui!

The last trip of the shuttle bus to your hotel is at 11:00pm so you may still catch the trip. Here's to read more details, ( post dated Sept 21,2011 )

Taxi fare to Gold Coast Hotel from the Airport is HK$262.5. Travel time is 36 minutes.

transportation :(
by: Hui


May I know if do you know of any budget yet not too slow ways to get to gold coast hotel from the airport?

The hotel does provide shuttle bus from Tsuen Wan mtr to the hotel but I'm arriving at night (around 8.40pm), so there are no more shuttle bus service for me to take to the hotel. I am aware that I can take the MTR all the way to Tuen Mun and take a bus but i guess it will take quite a while? :/

Also, do you know what is the fare to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel?

Thanks a lot! :)

Re: USA hostel HK
by: HKinsider jom

Hello Riantey!

USA Hostel is located at Flat F1, 13/F, Mirador Mansion, 58 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel no. +852 9638 4111

USA hostel is just a 1-minute walk to MTR Trains, 5-minute walk to Star Ferry, 5-minute walk to Airport shuttle A21, 5-minute walk to Macau Ferry. It is also in the main tourist spot in city. Attractions nearby the hotel include: Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong Museums, Kowloon Park, Victoria Harbor, Avenue of Stars and Harbour Plaza.

Please refer to the above link (USA Hostel Website) for the estimated budget for your stay.

Here's a recommended food picks and the corresponding budget

USA hostel HK
by: Riantey

thanks for helping me with good informations.

I found a budget hotel named USA hostel hongkong. Is that area easy for me to go to the places i listed before? Is the place a best place and do save me much in terms of financial? I did read about the avenue of star show starts at 8pm. Do there any public transport operate after the show to the usa hostel?

For mean time i am thinking to stay at USA hostel.

Roughly how much HK dollar or USD dollar should both of us need for two days stay in Hong kong ?
(includes the transportation from usa hostel to attraction place and back to hostel again, entrance fee to each attraction,fastfood)

All kind help are much appreciated. Millions thanks.

Re: two night stay in Hongkong with a sister
by: HKinsider jom

Hello Riantey!

You can easily find and get a budget hotel or hostel in HK that is very affordable. Here's a sample 3 days in HK itinerary for recommendations.

I would suggest you read this thread for recommended (itinerary for 2 whole days in HK) for an itinerary suggestion for a 2 days in Hong KOng, scroll down to the post dated Nov.6,2009. It is something similar to the places you've mentioned.

Good luck on your trip and have a wonderful stay in Hong Kong!

Re: Intend to spend 6 days in HK
by: HKinsider jom

Hello Ovel!

Here are my recommendations:

Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland from HKIA.

Here's to read info about Octopus Cards.

Here's more information, ( posted Apr 11,2011 )

You may opt to stay at Disneyland Hotel for the first 2 nights and transfer to another cheaper hotel for the rest of your stay. Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui area is a great option since it is close to major destinations.

Here are some hotel recommendations.

Take the MTR trains to get to HK Attractions such as Ocean Park and Victoria Peak.

Here are other must-see attractions, included is my suggested itinerary for your 6-day stay:

Day1: HK Airport --> Disneyland Hotel --> Disneyland Park (catch the "Disney in the Stars" fireworks at 8pm)

Day2: Disneyland Hotel --> Ngong Ping 360 --> Disneyland Park

Day3: Check out at Disneyland Hotel --> Check in at any Tsim Sha Tsui hotel --> Avenue of Stars / Symphony of Lights @ 8pm

Day4: Ocean Park --> Ladies' Night Market

Day5: Victoria Peak --> HK Museums (the kids will surely enjoy the HK Science Museum :) )

Day6: HK Shopping

Hope this helps. Enjoy your stay in Hong Kong!

hotel near the ladies market
by: Riantey

may i know the list of cheap, comfortable ,clean hotel near ladies market?

Is it easily to find the public transport here? Help me to arrange 2days stay...but i hope i can go to Disneyland, avenue of stars, ocean park, madamme tussauds, Victoria peak. I know it gonna tiring to do but I'll enjoy it.

Help need.. The most important is the disneyland. its okay if not place are not reach. thanks

two night stay in Hongkong with a sister
by: Riantey


I need help. I want to know how much budget should we bring to HK. We are just going for sightseeing and not for shopping. Main target are Disneyland. We're planning as we reach HK on the first day we check in to hotel than have a walk around the city, going to those free entrance area, and have our tummy fill with mcD or kfc. Night,cntinue to see How HK..takes pics and rest. The next morning,directly take mrt to disneyland for a day. Afternoon back to hotel and cntinue sightseeing and rest. The next morning will going home. Can you recommend me the cheapest,clean,safe hotel? Thank you

Intend to spend 6 days in HK
by: ovel

Hi there,

We're a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids: 4 and 6 yo), and we're going to arrive to HK in order to spend there 6 days. As far as my daughter is so passionate with all these Disney's princesses, we're going to live in the Disneyland hotel all this time. However, it would be great if somebody could give me advice.

We'd like to visit at least the Disneyland, Victoria Peak, and Ocean Park.

1. Should we order a special hotel's transportation service or there exist some convenient means of transportation from HK Airport to Disneyland hotel?
2. Which kind of transport tickets should I purchase? I heard there exist Octopus card. How does it work?
3. Should I purchase the platinum access card to obtain various discounts for dining and room reservations? It'd cost HK$2300, but as it is written in the card description, I could get 25%off if I'd order a room in the Disneyland hotel. As far as I intend to book a room in this hotel, do this card reduce living cost?
4. Should I use taxi services in order to get Victoria Peak from the Disneyland Hotel or there exist some convenient public transportation services ? How much it would cost ?
5. The same question regarding the Ocean park ?

Many thanks in advance for your answers!

Re: Most Practical Way to Go Around in HK?
by: HKinsider jom

December 24: Ocean Park

*Here's how to get to Ocean Park from Harbour Plaza Resort City Hong Kong.

December 25: Hong Kong Shopping --> Ladies' Night Market

*Take the Hotel Shuttle to get to TST area for shopping.

*Take trains to Mongkok stations to get to Ladies' Night Market Exit E2, just follow the directional signs.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your stay in Hong Kong

Re: Most Practical Way to Go Around in HK?
by: HKinsider jom


Here is my suggested itinerary to maximize your stay in Hong Kong.

December 22: HKIA --> Hong Kong Disneyland (fireworks at 8pm)

* Here's how to get to HK Disneyland from HKIA.

December 23: Hong Kong Disneyland --> Harbour Plaza Resort Hotel --> Victoria Peak --> Avenue of Stars --> Symphony of Lights at 8pm

* I suggest you stay at the hotel for breakfast since you will be checking out afterwards but you may opt to spend the morning at City Gate Outlets. It's just 10- minute train travel from Hollywood Hotel.

Harbour Plaza Resort City Hong Kong is a 4-star hotel located at 18 Tin Yan Road Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong. MTR Tin Shui Wai station - Exit E2
Tel: +852 2180-6688

*Getting to Harbour Plaza Resort from Disneyland: Get into the Disneyland Resort line and get off at Sunny Bay station. Interchange trains to Tung Chung Line and get off at Nam Cheong Station. Interchange tt

*Getting to The Peak from Harbour Plaza Resort: From Harbour Plaza Resort City Hong Kong, get into the MTR Light Rail Ginza station and get off at Tin Shui Wai MTR station. Take the MTR West Rail Line train and get off at East Tsim Sha Tsui station (29 minutes @ HK$17.6) and take Exit J. Upon exit, follow directional signs going to the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Terminal for about 6 minutes walk. Take the Star Ferry to Central (9 minutes @ HK$2.5) and then walk to the nearby Central Pier Bus Terminus. Take the bus 15C open-top bus that will bring you to the Peak Tram (10 minutes @ HK$4.2).

*From the Peak, follow the same route (in reverse order) in getting back to Tsim Sha Tsui where you can see the Avenue of Stars adjacent to the Star Ferry Terminal.

*Also, your other option in getting to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) area from Harbour Plaza Resort City Hong Kong is by taking the hotel shuttle bus for 30 minutes travel @ HK$22 per person. Please refer to your hotel for more information about this service if you opt to take this option.

Most Practical Way to Go Around in HK?
by: Anonymous

We are a group of 4 adults and 3 kids travelling to HK on Dec 22-26. We'll touchdown by 9am.

1. How can you get From Airport to Disneyland, w/c would you say will be cheaper to take? Airport Express Train or Taxi? And how?

2. For Breakfast the next day as we are staying our first night at Hollywood Hotel, where do you suggest we eat? If we eat at the Hotel, would it be expensive? What's the less expensive alternative?

3. On check out from Hollywood Hotel, we need to get to Harbour Plaza Resort at Tin Shui Wai, do we take the MTR or taxi? and How?

4. We'd like to visit Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, Avenue of the Stars, see the symphony of lights and visit the Kowloon malls, how should we go about it? We'll be there up to the 25th of Dec. What's the best itinerary? Are there shopping mall in Tin Shui Wai?

5. I'm kind of worried that I have people with me on this trip so I need the most efficient and most practical itinerary and most cost effective way to go about this trip.

Thank you very much in advance.

Re: 3days/2nights jan23-25,2012 sample itinerary pls
by: HKinsider jom


First of all, major attractions are open during Chinese New Year.

Here's HK travelers' hotel recommendations.

Here's to read a suggested 3 days and 2 nights Hong Kong and Macau itineraries.

3days/2nights jan23-25,2012 sample itinerary pls
by: Anonymous

I just made a booking 2 days ago from Manila to hongkong. I don't have any idea that those dates that i have booked are Chinese new year. I will travel with my husband and 3 kids.

Can you please suggest an itinerary for us that would be able us to visit disneyland, ocean park, the peak, hopefully macau.

i also don't have any hotel booking, any suggestion? We will be arriving in hongkong at 10:00 and departing at 21:55. thank you!

Re: ideal budget for 2
by: HKinsider Don

To give you some idea re how much you need in your Hong Kong stay based on the preference that you've stated above, please follow the following topic discussion links:

* 3 days 2 nights stay in HK without hotel budget (scroll down to the post dated "Apr 09, 2011").

* Budget for HK Disneyland travel.

* Here are recommended budget hostel around TST area.

Here's how to travel with the most cheapest and efficient route from TST to Victoria Peak: Take a walk to the TST Star Ferry Pier --> take the Star Ferry to Central Pier (9 minutes @ HK$2.5) --> walk to the nearby Central Ferry Pier Bus Terminus --> take the bus 15C to the Peak Tram (10 minutes @ HK$4.2) --> take the Peak Tram to the Peak (HK$40 for round trip ticket).

For me, an HK$1,000 per day would be enough for 2 persons in a budget travel in Hong Kong.

ideal budget for 2
by: Anonymous

hi! good mornin!

i would like to inquire for the expenses for 3days 2 nights stay in hongkong, including stay not in hotels, food and drinks.... we would like to go to victoria peak i think...

thank you....

Re: Planning for Hong trip for 3
by: HKinsider Don

Here are the least price (approx) to give you some idea for your HK trip budget.

* 1 night stay (budget hotel or hostel) = HK$350, recommendations here.

* 1 day transportation cost = HK$150 / person (half for kids at age 3 to 11 yrs old).

* standard meal (McDonald or KFC) = HK$30 / meal /person

* for shopping, (1 pc of T-shirt) = HK$40 but you can always do bargain shopping at the street markets.

Related topic discussion:

* how much budget do i need going to hongkong?

Planning for Hong trip for 3
by: Anonymous


How much should I budget for a Hong Kong trip for 3 ( 2 adults, 1 infant).

Thank you

Re: Need your advice to get the cheapest possible budget for 4-days and 3-nights in HK.
by: HKinsider Don

While in Hong Kong Disneyland or Ocean Park, do not go inside and eat on restaurants, they're quite expensive. There's a large variety of time-saver fast food kiosks where you can buy cheaper value meals, noodles, or hamburger that you can easily find inside the park.

A perfect place to go if you want to buy cheap and bargain items are the popular theme street markets in Hong Kong.

Must read related topic discussion:


Need your advice to get the cheapest possible budget for 4-days and 3-nights in HK
by: Anonymous

Hello and good day!

Can you give me an advice on how to get the cheapest possible way on how to survive in Hong Kong for 4-days and 3-nights specially in terms of food.

We are 6 adults, we have our land arrangement with hotels & bfast for 4days and a ticket in Disneyland with transportation, and ticket to Ocean Park & Macau tour.

My problem is where are we going to buy lunch, snacks & dinner in a cheaper price? and also gift shop that we can buy things that we can bring when we go home to our country can you also give some restaurant inside Disneyland & Ocean park that offers cheap lunch & dinner prices for group of 6?.

Thank you very much hope for your reply..

Re: Hotel in Hong Kong
by: Anonymous

Ibis North Point Hotel is a 3-star hotel located in the North Point area at 138 Java Road, Hong Kong.

Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong is a 4-star hotel located in 387-397 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

These two hotels location are excellent and good for family. Please follow the links provided above for detailed hotel information so that it can help you choose which one that meet most of your preferences.

All about your Macau trip, here to read other travel discussion.

Just go directly to the Ferry terminal and buy the ticket, there's NO need to book in advance.

by: Anonymous

Thanks for your prompt replies.

It has been wonderful taking your advice for our HK trip.

Please let me know about one more hotel as I've got a very good rate from it. It is Ibis North Point Hotel, Hong Kong. How good is it and will it be comfortable for the family. Comparison between this and Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong.

Also, how to go about Macau trip. Cost of the ferry trip and the day trip in macau. Is it on a bus or how is it organized and where can I book with it.

Thanks for your help and advice. aman

Re: Budget for HK Disneyland travel
by: HKinsider Don

Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong is located at 387-397 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 35521111

The hotel location is excellent, located right at the centre of major shopping outlets and entertainment venues with an excellent outside views.

When traveling around Hong Kong, to have an octopus card is a great advantage and excellent way to save your valuable time. It can be use to pay to almost all of Hong Kong?s public transport, MTR trains, ferries, trams, buses, mini buses and even some stores like 7-Eleven.

Upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport after exit from HK immigration, you'll pass through the Arrival Hall where you can find the Airport Express counter where you can buy an Octopus Card. Or, you can buy the octopus card at any MTR stations costumer service booths.

An octopus card will costs HK$150, which is inclusive of a HK$50 refundable deposit and HK$100 stored value. So any amount left on the card at the end of your stay in Hong Kong is refundable along with the HK$50 deposit minus HK$7 for handling fee. Of course you can add more money for your card stored value.

Going to the Peak, I suggest you take a taxi from your hotel for about 10 minutes drive to the Peak Tram station where you'll go for a 7 minutes thrilling Tram ride up to the Peak. You can reach at Madame Tussauds once you're in the Peak.

If you want to go to Ocean Park, please contact the hotel concierge to get a shuttle bus ticket at HK$10 / person / trip.

Going to Macau. Actually, Macau and Hong Kong are almost same standard of living like cost of foods and transportations are more or less the same so you can prepare a budget same as in HK. Hong Kong to Macau economy class Ferry ticket is HK$134 and HK$142 for return ticket. If wanted to go into one of Macau's casino then you should prepare an extra budget for that.

by: aman

Thanks for your info.

It has been great help. I am trying to book at Cosmopolitan hotel for two rooms, how good is the hotel? Is the location ok?

Also if you can guide me as to where should I buy an octopus card or travel by taxi for my family. Which will be better and convenient?

I am planning to go to Disneyland, Peak, Madame Tussauds and Macau. we are dropping out Ocean Park. Am I missing anything?

Can you also guide me on how to go about the Macau trip. What is the budget? we will go only for a day trip.

Sorry for bothering you with all the questions. Hoping to listen from you soon.


Re: Budget for HK Disneyland travel
by: HKinsider Don

A single standard budget meal in Hong Kong will cost around HK$30, based on food prices at fast food restaurants like KFC or McDonald though it is possible to get a set meal that is good for 5 persons for HK$100.

While inside Hong Kong Disneyland:

Food, alcoholic beverages and other beverages in cans or bottles were among the items being prohibited by HK Disneyland to be brought into the Park.

There are array of dining restaurants inside the park that you can choose serving from a snacks to a full meal but the prices are quite high that ranges from HK$60 to HK$150 / meal / person.

Since you're traveling with an infant and child, it is advisable that you take a taxi when you travel on places like Disneyland to avoid long walks and hassle during train interchange (if taking the MTR trains).

Just a fare comparison example:
A taxi from Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon) to Disneyland will cost around HK$175 while taking the MTR trains will only cost HK$16.6 / person and there's no much difference in the travel time which is around 40 minutes.

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