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  1. Travel from Hong Kong International Airport-Macau-Zhuhai

    Jun 11, 18 09:47 PM

    Hi I am Justin from Malaysia. I will be travelling to Hong Kong and decided to drop by Macau first before heading over to Hong Kong once I landed in

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how much budget do i need going to hongkong?

by Anne
(Manila, Philippines)

Hi there! I'm from Philippines. We have a trip to Hong Kong on June and I don't have any idea how much budget will I need in staying there for 3 days and 2 nights. Will be arriving at around 10am there. Any recommendations on friendly cheaper hotels or apartments during our stay there and can I have a map of them? It's my first time going there that's why I don't have any idea how much will it costs me during the trip.

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hong kong tour
by: Anonymous

Hi! It's a 4 days and 3 nights tour in hong kong, how much budget do i need excluding hotel?

hong kong tour
by: Anonymous

Hi! It's a 4 days and 3 nights tour in hong kong, how much budget do i need excluding hotel?

Budget for costs other than accommodation
by: Anonymous

I am visiting a friend for the first time in HK in January 2018. I will stay at her place, but I am wondering how much budget should I consider for all other costs, excluding accommodation, per day (like food, transportation, tourist places). I am a university student and I will stay for 7-10 days.

Budget for 10 days excluding accommodation
by: Anonymous


I/ am planning to visit Hong Kong in in the period of 25 December to 5th January (10 days).

I will be staying with a friend. So, I only need to know how much money should I have for the other items (sightseeing, food, transportation,...etc)


without credit card
by: Anonymous

can i travel and stay in hongkong for 4 days ,3 nights without crefit card only cash money with me, your answrrs will be appreciated, 5hanks in advance

4 days and 3 nights
by: Anonymous

Any idea gor how much will be needed for 2 adult and 1 child? We are planning to go in Disneyland, Ocean Park,The Peak Tram and Ngong Ping?

Hong kong
by: Anonymous

Hi. Does 100k pesos enough for 3 persons in hongkong for 7days and 6 nights Including accomodation transpo and food. Tnx

Not so well planned trip
by: Mindy


Would like to ask tips on where to buy cheap entrance ticket to HK Disney land, Ocean Park and Victoria Peak.

How much budget we need in 5d4n for 4pax
by: Anonymous

Can you help me find the best itinerary for 5d4n in hk considering its our first tym so were helpless.I wanna go to oceanpark,disneyland,macau,shenzhen and the city my 100k enough for all in expenses if we are 4 pax.Is it easy to apply visa for shenzhen?really i dont have any idea even in train i dont know how to ride.and my greatest fear is how if we get loss omg what if the locals didnt understand me.tnx

expenses in HK for 5D4N
by: PandaJam

May I know how much do I need to spare for 5 days 4 nights in Hong Kong?

7 days in hong kong
by: al

budget for 7 days in hong kong solo traveler.?

how about 7 days?
by: Anonymous

Is 25,000 enough for 7 days travel?

We have already a hotel accomodation. Is this enough also to go to tourist attractions and buy stuff at mongkok?

Thank you.

planning for a family vacation
by: Ic

can anybody know how much money do i have to prepare for 8persons spending 2nights 3days in hongkong? Your reply is very much appreciated..thanks☺

4days and 3nights
by: del

How much do we need to have as pocket money in going to hongkong. This is our first trip to be in Disneyland and ocean park.please help me to have itenirary and places to visit in hongkong.

3 days 2 nights in HK
by: chel

How much pocket money should i bring?

its my first time going to hongkong. but i will have my package already food hotel etc. just the pocket money so how much?

in peso.


Dear Reader:

You will need about P20,000.00 or HK$ 3,700. Consult this page for more information on budgeting your stay in HongKong

Please kindly help me to knwledgeable
by: Anonymous

I am going to HongKong on Sept 13,2014 and this is is my first time out of the country with 3day and 2nights of staying.

Base On my friend I need a hotel reservation and pocket money and specially passport.

But my Bf had already room reservation. May you please help me. Thanks I want my trip going to be smooth!

how much budget to get visa and others requirement to be tourist in hongkong?
by: geraldine

I am asking how much tthe all expencies i prefared to go in hongkong as tourist guide in 4 days?

how much budget to get visa and others requirement to be tourist in hongkong?

Going to HK with my 4 yr old daughter
by: Timmy


Im going to travel w/ my daughter this Jan.31 2014. How much should I bring for 3d2n (excluding accomodation and disneyland/city tour expenses) im a bit nervous bec it will be just her and me. is it necessary to buy octopus card even if we have the bus going and to airport and hotel are included already?

Travel Time from Disneyland to The Peak
by: Moon


Due to time constraints, we are planning to go to Disneyland and Madame Tussaud's Museum in one day. Since the Disney Fireworks is one of the main attractions of the theme park, we want to witness it as well. Is it possible catch the fireworks and still be able to make it on time for the museum (which closes at 10pm)?

How long is the travelling time from Disney to the Peak?

We will arrive in HK on a Thursday at 9pm and needs to depart on a Saturday at 9pm, too.

We can't think of anything to do on our first night (since it's already late or is it not?)

First day, would be dedicated to Disney and the Peak.

Second day is for Chin Lin Nunnery, Nan Lian Garden, and Avenue of the Stars.

Any comments and suggestions on our itinerary? We would want to visit more spots if it would be possible.


we will travel hk for 4days and 3nights
by: Anonymous

we will travel hk for 4 days and 3nights i just wonder how.much money do i need for food shooping we are staying at rambler oasis hotel. any sugestions where to go to im traveling with my husband and daughter. it is 50t would

i wanna travel hongkong but a bit scared
by: nona

Hi there,my foreigner boyfriend is asking me to come and see him in hong kong with all expenses paid, i'm bothered about the immigrations questions.

I don't have credit card or much saving i heard enough money is needed when been ask at the immigration...

Give me some tips please if what is usually ask at the immigration hongkong and philppines..thanks a lot

Family of 5 budget to HK
by: Wan

Hi all!

Appreciate if anyone can advise me on a 5 days budget for family of 5 (2A3C) to Hong Kong? Fyi, accommodation/flight/theme park visits are all covered.

Just like to know how much to set aside for meals & shopping?


how much is the cheapest hostel in hongkong?
by: rhonel

hi there, i wanna ask if how much is the cheapest hostel in hongkong...actually i really dont have idea how much it will cost me for a 3day stay in hongkong..i'll be arriving on oct 1 2012 at 8.40 in the morning..please provide me the complete name and adress of the hostel as well as the rate per day.

re: Trip to Hk (first tme) budget
by: hKinsider Don

Hello peejay,

P20,000.00 is roughly around HK$3,700. So basically, you have a budget of around HK$600 for each one of you for each day in HK in 3 days. Not including the accommodation, it should be enough.

For HK$600 a day budget: HK$100 for transpo, HK$150 for meals, and then HK$350 for attractions fees and shopping.

Trip to Hk (first tme)
by: peejay

Hi, just wanna ask if my budget for 2 worth P20,000.00 would be enough for our hongkong trip this coming November. We are planning to stay there for 3 days and 2 nights, don't include the accommodations please.. need an answer asap thanks :D

how much for a couple and my daughter
by: angell

hello good day i will ask if how much it will cost to go in hongkong.for 3nights and 2 much in pesos do I need to bring...thankssss

Re: Hong Kong in 3D2N
by: HKinsider Don

Personally, based on experience every time I visit HK. A 1K HKD a day per person is quite a good budget for a foreigner in Hong Kong. That would include basically on transpo, meals, attractions fee, and light shopping.

Hong Kong in 3D2N
by: Anonymous

Hi! I'll be visiting HK on October. My budget is like 15K. Would that be ok? Thanks a lot!

Hi, I will be travel to HK from 5 day 5 night. hkd 6160 enought for couple?
by: Anonymous

I already booked and paid hotel for 5 nights.
I stay near temple street.
Is the money above enough for travel?
I need to go disneyland(1 day),
May be Oceon Park(1 day),
Shen Zhen (1 day)
Macau(1 day)
Light shopping on clothes(1 day)
As for disneyland ticket I don't mind pay by credit card using internet.
Will get an octopus card for 2.
Need to get a simcard with internet connectivity for light surfing for information, where can I get it and what is your recommendation.

by: Carlo

30k PHp is not enough for the 2 of you if your itinerary includes the disney land and ocean park and some theme parks. better, you enjoy the scenery. its for free anyway. stay somewhere in Kowloon most of the attraction is in there... I'll be there too on Feb 28- march 2 2012

Re: budget suggestion
by: HKinsider stellar

Hello Archie :)

Please refer to the above post dated April 9, 2011 to get an idea on the budget for food and transportation.

budget suggestion
by: archie

Hi, just wanna ask if my budget worth P30,000.00 would be sufficient enough for our hongkong trip this june. We are planning to visit the country for 3 days and 2 nights :D appreciate a response. thanks

Re: 3 days 2 nights stay in HK without hotel budget
by: HKinsider Don

Here are some of the price figures you need to know before going to Hong Kong for your budget planning.

* HK Disneyland one-day ticket, HK$ 350.

* Dining at HK Disneyland. Inside the park, you can have a lot of choice from a snacks to a full meal but the prices are quite high that ranges from HK$60 to HK$150 / meal / person.

* Hong Kong average food price is about HK$30 that you can easily find on fast food restaurants like KFC or McDonald. So it's about HK$300 meal budget for 3 days.

* Transportation around Hong Kong for 3 days using octopus card per person.
I suggest you buy an Airport Express Travel Pass - 1 Airport Express Ride ticket, HK$220. This ticket package will give you 1 Airport Express single journey plus 3 consecutive days of unlimited travel on MTR, Light Rail and MTR Bus * (except Airport Express, East Rail Line First Class, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau MTR stations). Also with HK$50 refundable deposit.

* Hong Kong to Macau economy class Ferry ticket is HK$134.

* Macau to Hong Kong economy class Ferry ticket is HK$142.

Macau and Hong Kong transportations and food prices are basically the same.

* Going for HK Shopping.

You must try the famous Street Markets. In there, you can easily find a good t-shirt with price like 3pcs for HK$100.

With the data and figures above, I'm sure you can compute how much budget you need for your coming trip to Hong Kong.

Hope this help and good luck on your HK trip!

3 days 2 nights stay in HK without hotel budget
by: Anonymous

How much to bring if I want to go to Disneyland, Shopping and a round trip (same day) to Macau? Plus transportation and cheap meals.

Please don't include hotel.

Thanks much!

Re: How much budget do I need going to Hong Kong?
by: Anne


Re: How much budget do I need going to Hong Kong?
by: hk-insider don

Here's my itinerary suggestion to maximized your 2-days stay in Hong Kong.

Accommodation: Stay at any affordable hostel at Tsim Sha Tsui area like the Mirador Mansion as we already mentioned (HK$500 approx for 2-nights stay).

Day 1: Hong Kong Disneyland or Ocean Park. But personally, we recommend Ocean Park.

* The hotel check-in time is usually at 2:00 pm and check-out time at 12:00 noon on the following day. Considering that you arrive on 27 Jun '11, Monday morning at around 11am at the hotel, they may allow you to have an early check-in if the rooms are available otherwise you can leave the bags at the concierge and wait until the room is ready. With this scenario, there could be too much waste of your day-time just for waiting.

* If you can manage to travel with less luggage then that's really good and that's what we recommend. With this scenario, you can be able to go straight to either Disneyland or Ocean Park from the airport (HKIA).

* Leave the park at around 3:30 pm and proceed to Tsim Sha Tsui to check-in. This will give you enough time to relax in your hotel a little bit and prepare for an early dinner. Don't worry, nearby you can easily find various restaurants and fast foods like McDonald.

* Proceed to the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade or Victoria harbour by a short walk from your hotel and be sure to get there before 7:00 pm. You will find here the Avenue of Stars (free admission) and also, it is the good place to watch the spectacular nightly show "The Symphony of Lights" (free admission).

Day 2: Star Ferry, The Peak, and Street Markets shopping.

* Close to the Avenue of Stars you can find the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Terminal. Take the Star Ferry to Central Ferry Terminal, 8 minutes & HK$2.5.

* Close to the Central Ferry Terminal you can find the Central Ferry Pier Bus Terminus, take the bus no. 15C to the Peak Tram, about 10 minutes @ HK$4.2. Then take the breathtaking 7 minutes tram ride up to the Peak.

Here you can see a travel route map in getting to the Peak from Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Terminal.

* Leave the Peak around 4:00pm and proceed to Kowloon area back to Ferry or by MTR trains from Central to Mong Kok (12 minutes HK$9.7) for you street market shopping.

Hope this help in planning your HK trip!

by: Charicz

Just check this site and you'll get your e-itinerary or to plan your own activites...

I'll be going to HK this March 2011 for 7th time already but still excited going there...


Re: How much budget do I need going to Hong Kong?
by: Anne

I need help on our itinerary during our stay there. Our estimated time of arrival on June 27, 2011 is 0900H and our departure is on June 29,2011 at 0800H.

Can you help me plan to must see places there in Hong Kong and please include on how to get there (including map), time of travel and how much it will cost. I need an itinerary for 2 days. Thanks.

Re: How much budget do I need going to Hong Kong?
by: Anonymous

Our hostel recommendation along Tsim Sha Tsui area is the Mirador Mansion. Inside on that building, it is comprised with several hostels that surely have something that suite your preferences.

For good shopping places in your case, you should go to our recommended Street Markets. There you can find good items with cheap prices just don't forget to bargain. Also, along with these streets you'll find good cheap restaurants.

For a free sightseeing, go to the Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars and you'll also experience the nightly show - symphony of light. From there, you will know why Hong Kong is known as the City of Life!

Travel-wise, it is highly recommended to get an octopus card when you travel around the Hong Kong. Not only that it will save lot of time when you take the MTR trains, bus or pay some stores but also, it will give you some discount on fares. Don't worry, you can get the remaining value or request for a refund on your octopus card prior to your departure.

Note: the bold and blue color fonts stands for major tourist attractions, their links are in the bottom of this page. Please follow those links to read more information about it, specially on how to get there.

how much budget do i need to go to hong kong?
by: Anne

Any recommendations on cheap hotel or hostels along Tsim Sha Tsui that offers a safe,relaxing and very accommodating environment? (since we will be spending much of our time outside).

What places would you recommend for us to visit during our stay there for 3D2N? We're on a tight budget that's why I really want to know the cheapest place that we can stay during our trip, restaurants that offers good food but offers low price and places that we can visit that were not going to spend too much money for that. Is it practical to buy octopus card when we get there?

Re: How much budget do I need going to Hong Kong?
by: Anonymous

Actually, there's nothing much to worry about even if it is your first time in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is not only a very safe place to travel but also their public transportation is very efficient most specially the MTR trains.

You can easily find and get a budget hotel in Hong Kong or Hostel that are very affordable. Please see here for more details and for our recommendations.

Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay in the "City of Life"!

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