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This website, "Travel Hong Kong Attractions" (here's to see interactive map of Hong Kong top tourist attractions) will take you on a virtual tour along the most efficient and exciting routes to all the memorable, historical, interesting and fun HK attractions has to offer.

We'll give you the latest tourist information on "how to get there". We aim to give you this insider information in order to save your precious time and money as you travel around and visit Hong Kong tourist spots.

top tourist spots in Hong Kong

Hong Kong (HK) Special Administrative Region (S.A.R.) of China remains the most traveled place in the entire Asia, despite its small size. It is packed with a lot of must-see attractions. The unique natural beauty of this harbour city forms the perfect backdrop to the man made and nature's wonders of Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria Peak, and more.

Hong Kong attractions

Hong Kong at night, featuring an artistic constellation of glimmering lights from the buildings and luxury hotels from Hong Kong island is famous for being one of the worlds grandest nighttime cityscapes.

Before you start your trip to Hong Kong, we recommend that you get informed very well and compare prices on the Internet. To get an overview of all the hotels you can visit the hotel combined to find the very best hotel offer for your budget. With the right place to stay you have the best basis for a successful and comfortable travel.

attractions in Hong Kong

We invite you to sit back and relax. You are about to explore the city's most wanted secret fantasy's from shopping to dining and a whole lot more. We start at Hong Kong Airport the famous international gateway to the city. (Of course the city is accessible by trains, bus or ferry from mainland China or Macau).

  • Getting to HK tourist attractions by Mass Transit Railway (MTR) trains. As you exit the Hong Kong immigration counter, the airport express trains to the city are only meters away. This train trip will only take around 24 minutes to reach Hong Kong station at Hong Kong island.
  • Getting to the Hong Kong tourist spots by Bus. From HKIA, if you can bear walking 30 meters you can board a super class bus that will take you to many specific locations throughout the entire city. Buses in Hong Kong are a very comfortable and affordable choice of transport. You also have a fantastic view as you pass thru Tsing Ma Bridge from Lantau Island to the city, the world longest of its kind (2.2 kilometers).
  • Getting to HK attractions by taxis or car. You can get a taxi but be warned that traffic in Hong Kong is usually heavy particularly in the city proper. Renting a car is not advisable for drivers not familiar with driving on the right-hand side of the road (a left over from British colonization).
  • Travel routes to Hong Kong attractions from Mainland China. The best border gateways are Zhongshan, Shekou, Macau, Fuyong, Humen, and Shenzhen, China.
  • Getting to Hong Kong tourist attractions from Shenzhen, China. The most accessible border is the Lo Wu/Hong Kong border. Aside from Lo Wu, you can also get to Hong Kong through Huanggang, Lok Ma Chau or Sha Tau Kok borders. Note, both Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau borders have MTR trains while the rest you can choose by Bus or taxi right after you're cleared from HK immigration.
  • Travel routes to HK tourist attractions by sea, ferries operated by TurboJet are available from Fuyong (near Shenzhen airport), and Macau. There are also ferries operated by Chu Kong from Zhongshan, Shekou in Shenzhen, and Humen in Dongguan.

Most Hong Kong travelers choose to spend an extra day or two in Macau for casino games and gambling or some others have decided to travel to Singapore right after, because the lack of casinos in Hong Kong. Actually, you can play online casino games in Singapore and basically everywhere else using your internet connection.

Let us start our journey from the best Hong Kong Hotel to sightseeing and all the essential attractions, walks, everything outdoors, and shopping spots. We will let you know the insider secrets to Hong Kong's finest (and less worthy) sites. We provide the big picture - you simply pick the place you want to visit first.

See the most popular Tourist attractions in HK with these maps by particular area;

| Outlying Islands map | Hong Kong Island map | Kowloon area map | New Territories map |

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Hong Kong Hotel Deals